Hiring Professional Editors and Proofreaders is Cost-Effective

Hiring Professional Editors and Proofreaders is Cost-Effective

Hiring Professional Editors and Proofreaders is Cost-Effective in the Long-Term

You have just completed your dissertation, essay, a letter to a new client, or a press release. You’ve read it countless times, but it’s just not quite there yet. You’re still not satisfied you have communicated your thoughts clearly and effectively. There are phrases, words, and sentences you’re not happy with, but you’re not sure how to restructure them. Well, welcome to the club. This is a universal predicament faced by many writers all over, and its solution is simple. Hiring a professional editor and proofreader.

Good writing comes from good editing, and each needs the other to thrive. To a naive and cynical writer, an editor is an old man hunched over reams of paper, red pen in hand, squinting through smudged glasses with the sole responsibility of spell and fact-checking, scouring for typos and dangling modifiers. Contrarily to this belief, a professional proofreader and editor do more than correct mistakes; they strive to improve on clarity, tone, plot, consistency, grammar, punctuation, transitions, and sentence structure. Their professional touch is a vital key to any writer differentiating between work that is mediocre and extraordinary.

When you put your thoughts on paper or online, it is important to remember that you’re no longer just a writer but a messenger too; and that every mistake you make always diverts your audience attention from the message you are trying to convey. Note that, the more errors you make; the more your message becomes distorted, and the more your audience struggle to decipher every word, clause or sentence.

Outlined below are the reasons why you need a professional proofreader and editor to bring your writing to the next level;

  1. A fresh pair of eyes

After exhausting hours, days, weeks, or even months crafting a thesis or proposal, the last thing you would want to do is edit your work. A professional editor offers an impartial, third-party perspective and are not shy about critiquing your efforts and helping you catch any errors easily overlooked. Their primary concern is making your piece as secure as possible. Most friends, family, and colleagues have already accepted your quirks, traits and character flaws and thus they cannot be objective critics. A professional editor, on the other hand, will gladly address those issues and work with you to make improvements.

  1. Saves you time and frustration

After spending time and energy writing and researching, a writer becomes too close to their story and often take weak or missing parts of their narrative for granted because of being too familiar with them. Editors and proofreaders will save you hours, maybe even days, of precious time. Rather than re-reading your creation for the tenth time, you can move on to another project, knowing your work is being edited by the best promptly. Hiring a professional editor saves you the frustration of revising your work alone. A hired editor will advocate for your future readers by rectifying grammar, style, word choice, or flow issues.

  1. An editor is a paid professional

Editing is a profession like any other. When you hire an editor, you are engaging an expert to do what they do best—edit! Searching for incorrectly spelled words, reorganizing paragraphs, double-checking style guides, finding the perfect word, among others, are things a professional editor does. These are individuals paid for their skill sets to ensure your writing needs are free of grammatical and stylistic errors and make your final document the best possible product.

  1. Improve language use

Professional editors can improve your word usage so that your ideas are communicated as efficiently as possible. Proofreaders and editors correct a wide array of language-related concerns, from improving word choice to remedying common ESL errors. A professional editor additionally can help you with a variety of projects, such as resume/CV, manuscript formatting, admission letter writing, query packages, and marketing materials among others.

  1. An editor is versatile

The fantastic thing about editors is that they have experience in various fields; from arts to business to science and have worked with a wide selection of academics, authors, business individuals, and manuscripts. When you hire an editor who has already worked through problems on several orders similar to yours, and no matter how unique your tone, format and general direction probably is, they’ll still be able to deliver what you require from them. An editor who has worked on numerous manuscripts before yours is well-equipped to help you avoid clichés and keep your story flowing.

  1. Help perfect your writing

A professional editor not only fixes mistakes but will help you improve your writing. They will use their unsurpassed trained eye to unveil errors and style concerns you may not have seen. By showing you ways to repair and upgrade your work, you will learn how to refine your writing ability. As much as you’ve already written several books, articles, essays or even proposals you’ll still be fascinated by the views of someone who has worked on possibly hundreds of pieces. If you require training, inspiration, and critique on the highest level, make the right choice and hire a professional editor.

In summary, writing is a solitary pursuit, often undertaken during hours stolen from the moon. So whatever your industry, hiring a proofreader and editor is an excellent idea. In a much as most writers know they have to review their writing once they’ve finished a rough draft, it’s almost difficult for them to notice every error. They will often see what they think they wrote instead of what is really on the paper. Hiring an editor to serve as an external reader will always be more effective because they do not have any sentimental attachment to the work.

So, whether you write to entertain (novel, magazine), educate (thesis, monograph, journal article), inform (business report) or persuade (job application form, CV) it is essential the words you choose work for you and easy to understand. At the end of the day, when the sun is ready to rise on your final draft, make sure you choose a proofreader and editor as carefully as you do your words.

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